Luca Minoja, Product Manager CTO, STORViXLuca Minoja, Product Manager CTO
A new dawn of cognitive storage is gaining traction in the data storage landscape right now, owing to the growing adoption of autonomous systems in the IT industry. However, IT teams of many enterprises still have to invest long hours in cumbersome tasks such as system infrastructure maintenance and storage array administration, leading to waste of time and operational errors. Governed by a mission to eliminate such redundant, error-prone, and time-consuming processes, STORViX provides a suite of intelligent storage solutions that automates routine administration tasks and bolster the efficiency of clients’ IT personnel. “Our next-generation technology redefines data storage economics by delivering superior efficiency and solves the problem of managing the exponential growth of information in considerably less time,” states Luca Minoja, Co-Founder CTO at STORViX.

The smart storage solutions from STORViX draw inspiration from groundbreaking biological computing technologies and offer both a heart and brain to drive automation in the IT environment. AiRE IntelligentFiler is the physical unit or the heart of the system that gives users the power to control costs and optimise storage usage patterns. With its smart algorithms and intelligent insights, AiRE can program file systems according to specific policies or workloads of clients and enforce autonomous workload processing. Connected internally to AiRE is CloudSight, the brain that serves as the computational horsepower to nurture intelligence and self-awareness within the system. CloudSight is a cloud-based deep analytics platform that predicatively supervises the system and provides full visibility into the behaviour, health, and performance of the IntelligentFiler fleet.

STORViX effectively automates the tedious administrative tasks of clients’ IT equipment, ushering in key benefits like ease of usage, significant time-savings, and high operational efficiency

“STORViX effectively automates the tedious administrative tasks of clients’ IT equipment, ushering in key benefits such as ease of usage, significant time-savings, and high operational efficiency,” continues Minoja.

STORViX offers a single data storage system that supports both hybrid and flash configurations across the clients’ entire product line and even evolves over a period of time to meet their future performance and capacity needs. STORViX’s simple and intuitive user interface ensures ease of usage without any specific training and needs no change in the existing work processes or infrastructure of the organisation. Enterprises can leverage inline compression and de-duplication functionalities from STORViX to significantly minimise their storage footprint and cost. In addition, advanced algorithms are applied to ensure security and consistency of the information, enabling clients to actualise long-term data retention. “STORViX empowers organisations with a data repository that stores and safeguards their critical data over long periods,” adds Minoja.

Working closely with leading organizations in the telecommunication, automotive, research, and data centre landscapes, STORViX has earned the status of a viable partner that works as an extension of its clients IT departments. Illustrating the company’s expertise, Minoja explains an instance when it assisted noventum consulting, a large German firm, in reducing switch failover time within their Hyper-V cluster, in turn, boosting performances. STORViX implemented a personalised storage solution to drastically bring down the switch time from minutes to seconds and shorten the client’s data storage footprint. Besides, this solution also enabled noventum consulting to enhance the speed and efficiency of its legacy storage array through workload consolidation, along with fostering a local backup of business operations.

"STORViX empowers organisations with a data repository that stores and safeguards their critical data over long periods"

STORViX has attained a successful career-graph and attracted a vast clientele over the years, with a chain of distributors to deliver its products across the European region. In the near future, the company plans to expand its operations to North American and the APAC regions by establishing strategic partnerships within those markets. Currently, STORViX is on the lookout for key partnerships with prominent players across diverse markets to consolidate its solution stack across vertical markets in this new era of cognitive data storage.