In spite of the ever-increasing per-gigabyte prices, digital data storage device makers are reporting banner profits each year. And, a great share of this success stems from the storage device industry’s continual— and successful—adaptation of the solid-state drive (SSD), for the last half-century or so. Even today, in a data-driven world, external hard disks and similar storage devices are witnessing a rapid adoption rate, mainly due to its excellent performance, energy savings, space efficiency, and reduced management. Despite this popularity, there remains a subliminal challenge for businesses: to mitigate the instances of data loss, which is predominantly becoming a major burden for companies, and consequently increasing the operating costs for these businesses to secure data efficiently. While storage-class memory (SCM) RAM is speculated to offer a viable alternative to the problems occurring from the current NAND-based memory storage, the prime concern is to find a suitable solution provider.

In the rapidly changing terrain of digital data storage-device market, S3+ Technologies from Lugano, Switzerland, offers their years of experience and speciality in data storage devices to help its clients meet their digital data storage needs. “We are the memory specialists for every kind of data storage devices for both large and small industries,” says Alberto Salpietro, CEO of S3+ Technologies.

S3+ started its journey 20 years ago as a group of IT professionals that came together to innovate the manufacturing and distribution of memory products. Since then, the company has established itself as one of the forerunners of best-in-class storage devices over the last decade. Commenting on this success, Salpietro says, “Our recipe is to keep the company’s fixed costs very low and have a product portfolio aimed only at the mainstream market.” Combining their expertise in designing, testing, and manufacturing storage devices in the fabless environment with an efficient supply chain management, S3+ can provide the best storage services to meet its clients’ demands.
The company is focused purely on the entry-level storage solutions. Starting from USB drives and memory cards to SSD hard drives with the latest operating systems, the company’s core mission lies in creating a storage solution that is compatible with their clients’ computing devices. To maintain the reliability of the memory devices, they are checked for superior quality through rigorous screening and environmental testing processes. Today, S3+ Technologies’ SSDs have become a benchmark in the market among SSD manufacturers and driven by that success, the company has released a new portable SSD that can be used both internally and externally.

Alongside, customer service has also been a key differentiating factor for S3+, supporting its clients in terms of technology. Through its close relationship with distributors and consumers, S3+ can anticipate any problem and solve the compatibility issues. The tech experts of S3+ checks the company’s product by product positioning in the market on a daily basis and strives to be the leading SSD brand always in terms of price-performance.

We are the memory specialists for every kind of data storage devices for both large and small industries

Today, customer-centric approach and micro-management strategies are enabling S3+ to quickly gain prominence as the largest storage device distributor in Southern Europe. After becoming a B-brand in Italy, S3+ is looking to becoming a B-brand in entire south Europe. Inspired by the attempts made in the last two years, current expansion plan of S3+ is closely linked with the search for professionals in the IT sales sector, firmly rooted in the territory and with a strong personal relationship with both retailer and other the distribution channels.