Octave Klaba, Founder & Chairman, OVHOctave Klaba, Founder & Chairman
It is indisputable that digital transformation and competitive differentiation go hand-in-hand. To win big in the digital transformation game and invigorate innovation, enterprises around the world are pinning their hopes on an agile, scalable, and secure digital infrastructure. While agility and security emerge to be the watchwords for successful digital transformation, digital private cloud is paving the way for enterprises to compete smarter in the digital revolution. With a similar goal, Arcade Beauty Group—a production company focused on delivering samples and mini-products to perfume and cosmetics brands—aspired to embark on the digital transformation journey. Arcade Beauty aimed to effectively combine digital technologies with direct sample distribution, thereby securing at a better return on investment. In order to accomplish these objectives, Arcade Beauty decided to undergo a complete transformation at the infrastructure level by implementing a global enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform and migrating their legacy systems of European sites into the cloud. However, due to the company’s presence in the three major regions of North America, Europe and Brazil coupled with a vast and complex IT environment, consolidation, and migration of legacy environments to the cloud-based platform and the deployment of global ERP software posed as major challenges. The need of the hour was a dependable partner that would deliver a scalable infrastructure within a tight IT budget to manage a seamless migration.

To this end, Arcade Beauty invested in a Private Cloud infrastructure based on VMware technology, which equipped them with high-capacity bandwidth, reliability, security, and easy management of resources to serve critical business applications across multiple geographical locations. Choosing fully dedicated hardware that is managed by their hyper-scale cloud partner, enabled Arcade Beauty to effectively plan for capacity and curb costs while the private cloud’s VMware virtualisation layer helped the company simplify and accelerate IT deployments to stay a step ahead of the rapidly changing business needs. Besides, the agility of their IT operations has increased considerably; thanks to the software-defined network! At the core of Arcade Beauty’s striking success in the digital revolution is OVH—a global, hyper-scale cloud provider that offers industry-leading performance and value to businesses. With OVH’s Private Cloud, Arcade Beauty now runs critical systems like ERP, calculation programs, workflow software, and most of the Active Directory services that manage users and their access to the company’s infrastructure. The Private Cloud solution also provides the client with more resources, which results in higher performance and faster request execution while boosting their efficiency by connecting all European production sites. All in all, Arcade Beauty is now empowered to deliver innovative sampling solutions to its customers.

To put things in perspective and emphasize how OVH is helping companies realize the digital transformation utopia, Octave Klaba, the founder and chairman of OVH notes, “The digital world is becoming an increasingly bigger part of our lives.

All this digital communication, increasing every day, goes through the Cloud. Goes through networks. Goes through data centres. And I want this communication to go through our data centres, our networks, our Cloud: the OVH Cloud

And the way we use the cloud is going to change. All this digital communication, increasing every day, goes through the cloud. Goes through networks. Goes through data centres. I want this communication to go through our data centres, our networks, our Cloud: the OVH Cloud.”

On Cloud Nine with OVH

One of the leading non-American global cloud providers, OVH opened its first data centre in 2001, thereby producing its first server in 2002. Following that, the company established its first European subsidiaries in Spain and Poland by 2004. Fast forward 2009, following the path of IP telephony, Klaba set foot on the cloud computing market, and thereafter in 2011, with OVH becoming an official ISP in France, he set out to build the world’s largest data centre and foray into North America. Over the years, OVH has leapfrogged to success and grown rapidly to become an esteemed cloud infrastructure provider. Today, the company boasts of more than 20 operational data centres around the world, which house around 270,000 machines and contain 18 million websites and 4 million domain names. Klaba proudly mentions, “We are the only player in the market offering a choice among Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Dedicated Servers, all in a single private network, and with an application programming interface.” This, in turn, enables large enterprises to migrate their existing infrastructures to OVH’s Dedicated Server and Private Cloud infrastructures, without any modification. “Then, and only then, can they begin the transformation of their applications using the Public Cloud in a natural way and still with OVH.”

Manage Your Infrastructure the OVH Way

OVH brings in a full range of expertise regarding bare metal solutions consisting of next-generation components. More importantly, each machine is designed and assembled by OVH and delivered in a record time of 120 seconds. With an extensive range of highly-efficient dedicated servers, adapted to the most demanding needs of any company, OVH not only ensures a secure infrastructure for storing customer’s data but also a highly-available server for their most critical uses. OVH servers are designed, assembled, and maintained by its high-performance teams, in order to offer users optimised configurations for their projects. The dedicated servers also offer a secure, high-resilience network to maintain continuity of service for end customers. By creating an infrastructure with OVH dedicated servers, customers stand to benefit from a reliable technology platform for all their business applications.
The scalability of client infrastructure is further enhanced by the ability to interconnect servers with other OVH solutions, such as Private Cloud and Public Cloud. Not just that; hosting servers with OVH comes with its own share of benefits through innovative and unique solutions across our entire infrastructure, such as water-cooling for energy efficiency and an anti- DDoS solution developed by OVH experts.

As the stepping stone of its cloud product line, OVH Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are greatly scalable and can be upgraded to suit customers’ business needs in just a few clicks. OVH enables customers to add disk space without upgrading their VPS, upgrade their CPU and RAM at any time from Control Panel and also master the stages of development by following OVH guides. In addition, OVH’s Private Cloud solution uniquely blends the scalability of the cloud on a 100 percent dedicated hardware infrastructure. The virtualization of client infrastructure is performed by leveraging VMware technology and is fully managed by OVH. OVH has collaborated with Claranet and Cloudera to launch a managed, secure big data solution. Melding the power of its cloud infrastructures with the synergy of Claranet and Cloudera’s expertise, OVH mitigates the operational limitations of the client’s cloud-based big data projects. To ensure high availability and security of customers’ infrastructure, OVH renders it anti-DDoS protection with all its products while continuously improving its infrastructures to maintain the security of its cloud solutions.

"We are the only one player in the market offering a choice among Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Dedicated Servers, all in a single private network, and with an application programming interface"

To better support client projects, OVH has also introduced OVH Public Cloud, offering an extensive range of cloud solutions, which can be billed on a pay-as-you-go basis and seamlessly set up. OVH offers infrastructures at the most competitive price/performance ratio by working on a large scale with the best hardware, wherein each resource is adjusted and configured to provide utmost power to Public Cloud instances. Taking into account both performance and data security at the same time, OVH also brings forth a complete range of cloud storage services while guaranteeing data reversibility. Moreover, OVH maintains and manages its own global network and leveraging its years of experience, offers innovative products, such as the vRack, which allows customers to interconnect solutions across different regions within a secure private network. From data ingestion to data handling, the company has built a complete portfolio of services to help clients control costs and get started quickly. To keep up with the criticality and sensitivity of data management, OVH has consistently demonstrated its core values of reversibility, transparency, and open source.

OVH currently trades with two businesses, OVH Worldwide, and OVH US, which address two different markets. Getting the two businesses to work in collaboration, share costs, and products along with retaining their independence in terms of data management is central to OVH’s strategy. Looking to the future, Klaba has ambitious plans to acquire companies and establish OVH as an alternative cloud to the big players. To realize the same, Klaba is prepared to take on a different route to helping customers build their solutions while fostering a culture of trust by not using customer data for training models, thereby honouring the European view of privacy.