Christof Zihlmann, CEO, AGILESTORAGEChristof Zihlmann, CEO
In today’s complex IT environment, it is refreshing to see a platform come to market that provides a new and improved way to address a long-standing challenge that beset the entire IT infrastructure.

Take the case of storage infrastructure in large organisations, for instance. Keeping up with the latest digitalisation and virtualisation trends, these companies that have multiple branches or offices across the globe are mired in data storage challenges. Decentralised storage structures are an attractive option for such organisations to simplify management and distribute available storage resources. However, this distribution is easier said than done considering resources, such as bandwidth, controller processing power, and more, which often lead to slow backups and high load. This is precisely where companies like AGILESTORAGE are making a difference.

A Europe-based young, innovative, technology company, AGILESTORAGE is successfully changing the narrative in the storage landscape with brand-new thinking of storage usage in the market.

AGILESTORAGE has developed the first real storage hypervisor—a giant leap towards agility and flexibility supporting business changes. “Our storage hypervisor is based on the virtual storage machine (VSM) technology, which can potentially reinvent storage infrastructure in organisations with both the hardware and software components of a real fully populated virtual storage system,” says Manfred Felsberg, COO of AGILESTORAGE.

To add more perspective, Christof Zihlmann, CEO of AGILESTORAGE, touches upon the increased demand for public cloud in the last six months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Organisations increasingly moved to the public cloud to support work-from-home settings. However, it was only a matter of time they realised that they want the advantages of the public cloud capabilities yet have control over their storage at their homes or in their own environments. This is where AGILESTORAGE stepped in to address the demand. The company enables its clients to tap into the benefits of speed and capacity of a private or hybrid cloud while also storing and accessing data from their homes or their own data centres.

Our storage hypervisor is based on the virtual storage machine (VSM) technology, which can potentially reinvent storage infrastructure in organisations with both the hardware and software components of a real fully populated virtual storage system

AGILESTORAGE’s foundation is built on the containerised multi-tenancy, which is responsible for them to bring the highest virtualised storage in the market. The company is seamlessly transforming the current day complex storage infrastructure into a simple utility that is also efficient, sustainable, and scalable. This translates to their unique data-centric storage architecture that aligns data treatment with its information value. AGILESTORAGE is known for its powerful yet simplified web-based storage management framework that is streamlined to imbibe the highest level of flexibility into any industry or infrastructure.

Taking about the hypersensitivity of data that clients entrust in storage solutions, Felsberg stresses on the digitalisation of data in the current times. “We are addressing digitalisation in a way that customers who are using our platform have access to storage as a service component for their organisation,” he adds.

Innovation at the Core

AGILESTORAGE’s WASP—the workload agnostic storage platform—is a game-changer in enabling storage agility through highly flexible, scalable and sustainable storage infrastructure. The underlying idea of AGILESTORAGE is to empower management teams with one single platform or web-based management framework. The self-explanatory graphical user interface and detailed storage usage metrics eliminates guesswork and enables effortless usage optimisation of their entire AGILESTORAGE deployment from one single management utility. The containerised, multitenant VSM architecture is a step ahead of the compute hypervisors, allowing users to stay abreast of the changing business needs, and both the present and future storage requirements. AGILESTORAGE makes possible the physical migration from a virtual storage machine from one centre, to a physical machine in another centre. This seamless migration without downtime is one of their distinguishing features. Zihlmann recalls working with a German term insurance client, who needed to have a second copy of all their data outside their own offices. Backed by AGILESTORAGE’s innovative solution, the client was able to meet their objective through a simple chromium replication in a data centre, 200 kilometres away.

According to Felsberg, AGILESTORAGE has by far, one of the most efficient systems in the market. “Efficiency to us means how we handle data and how we manage this information over time across the entire storage infrastructure,” he adds. The company’s solution is also a perpetual license product; thus, a customer does not have to buy an entire software stack. This is also a cost-effective strategy.

As for the roadmap for the company, Felsberg states that AGILESTORAGE is planning to implement new upcoming technologies which will improve the already yet excellent performance and availability topics. Adding to that, Zihlmann says that they are also looking forward to announce additional new functionality, for geo-redundant system deployment to provide highest flexibility to midsized and larger companies at a lower cost and management effort.